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On Israel and Palestine. Is there room for two countries? Before I answer that question you have to ask me about a Palestinian state I am still a refugee, still home less and stateless. When I have my independent state and live as human being I will give you the answer. Not before that. I am dealing with history, with civilization. Do you know that Palestine is a land of prophet who wasn’t born there or passed through it! This is something deep in history and deep in the conscience of my people.

On Palestinian achievements. We have two important revolutions. The first was educational. From hard critical circumstances we have been able to create the highest literacy rate in the area. We did this from the refugee camps, out of our tragedy our misery. The second was the transformation of our people from refugges to freedom fighters, able to resist for a just cause.

On his own feelings about. Palestine there are birds that fly around the world but come back to their original nest. There are fish that swim from the rivers to the sea but some how their sons go back to their original source Home is something in the heart of every human being. I want my people to be able to return, as human beings. In appearance, perhaps I look happy but in my heart something has cracked.  Live the tragedy of my people. But I am optimistic because sooner or later our people will achieve their goal.

TIME. 1980.

Copia autorizzata su concessione del Ministero dei Beni Culturali
© Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III. Sezione Americana J.F. Kennedy.

1947.«The United Nations proposed the division of the present area of Israel the West Bank and Gaza into separate Jewish and Arab states; Jerusalem was to have special status as an internationalized city. Most Jewis leader in Palestine accepted the partition; the Arab did not.»

1969.«Palestinians are seen by other Arabs with a combination of fear suspicion guilt and pride says Sociologist Sari Nasir of Amman University. The Palestinians return these ambivalent feelings In the Black September of 1970 Arafat’s guerrillas fearing that Jordan was usurping their power turned king Hussein’s troops, lost a bloody ten day battle, and were forced to move their base of operations from Jordan to Lebanon.



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